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  • welcome to rat related this forum was created because i enjoy modding forums.
    My inspiration was origianly Fancy rats but now i absolutley love inside the world of rats!
    I hope this forum gets bigger and better each day and hope it becomes like the other well known rat forums out there.

    Before joining
    If your on a free email host like msn you may have to check your junk box for a varification email to activate
    your account.
    please read rules before joining aswell.


    Please post to these rules i dont want to ban anyone but if i have to i will.
    All members will agree to these rules when registering so if broken there will firstly be 3 warnings, then a 1 week ban if the problems carry on a month ban and if you do not change from that month ban a perminant ban will occur. i dont like punishment but on forums things have to be done.

    Account & Password

    NO ONE on admin or mod status can ask you for a password it is against our rules we have no need for any password so dont give it out no matter who your talking too.
    Incase anyone goes behind this forums back and pms for password details will be warned.
    please remember to not give out any personal information and details on the boards. threw pm- unless you know the person in contact with do not give out your personal details.

    You are only allowed one account we donnot allow multiple accounts due to problems or fake id which is against the law.
    Your account name will only be changed for personal reasons otherwise its a no.
    If you have forgotten or lost your password if you click onto forgot password on the log in page a new password will be sent and under your control panel you will be able to change it back into another password.

    Swearing & Personal Attacks

    Please donnot swear this is a family forum and we may have members under 16. (all members under 12 will need parental consent)

    No personal problems with members should be dragged onto here if anyone is caught in the act of arguing you may get a warning if we know about these personal problems. we will NOT take sides.
    All problems with members should be avoided add them to your foe list and you will not see there posts nor them see yours.


    NO disscussion on feeding snakes rats. This is a pet rat forum and members will get upset about hearing about rats as food.
    Pictures of snakes feeding is also not allowed i think these sorts of things should be on reptile forum not a rat forum.

    When discussing any problems or general rat information please keep it opinianated but not argumentive.
    This is how forum bickers happen and im sure no one wants to be here arguing when they can be posting some helpful things.

    Pm System

    Arguments can be taken to pm BUT you must not threaten anyone under pm! if one of the persons has not retaliated or sent a pm to you and gets a agressive pm they can take it to admin because its innapropriate behaviour. the person who sent the pm may get a warning if it is so agressive. if its minor a pm asking them to calm down will be sent.

    Remember to make sure you know whp your talking to threw pm when giving adress or your phone number out.


    On one of my forums we had a certain ammount of people just putting one smiley face on a post we class this as spam! you will need to post a bit more than a smiley at least just a couple of words about the topic.
    No frequant posts of websites aswell it just makes you out as using the forum a free add site.

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